Training to become a flight attendant will open your world to a career full of fun, excitement and travel opportunities. In this quick guide you will learn the basics about becoming a flight attendant, how training is conducted and the benefit of attending a preparation course.


Our Training Instructors are experienced in all disciplines and a wide variety of aircraft and have all been handpicked to ensure they have the same beliefs and delivery style to ensure a great learning experience. The team of instructors covers all aspects of cabin crew training, as well as soft skills and CRM training, and all levels of management training for airlines. AHR Aviation Academy has been structured to become the automatic choice for Air Cabin crew training - a truly ‘complete’ provider.

In order to join the course, all candidates must pass a screening Process and Aviation Medical Examinations.

Evaluated items are:-
 English fluency and general communication
  First impression created (present ability, self confidence and attitude.
 Education and general knowledge

Course Pre requisites:-
Excellent Health
 Proof of no Criminal background
Ability to understand English
 Valid Passport
Have a High School Certificate ( Plus Two )
 Completed! 6 years of age.


Introduction to Aviation Hospitality Training
Discipline and Responsibilities Personality Development
Passenger Handling – crowd control Grooming
Initial Human Factors and Crew Resource management In Flight Medical Care
Dangerous Goods Regulation Training Language Laboratory
Safety and security procedures Interview preparation
Grooming and Service training Voice Modulation
Communicative English Training  
Communicative Hindi Training  
Communicative French Training  
Air Cargo Training  
General Knowledge  
Body Language  
Accent Training  
Conflict Management  

All the sessions are handled by experienced Senior Cabin Crew Instructors and Language professors.


Cabin crew Training course runs every month throughout the year. Please contact us to enquire on the next starting dates as well as for pre acceptance screening and registration dates