Do the open blue skies beckon you? Are you keen on adding wings to your dreams? If the answer is “Yes”, then you’re inclined towards a career in aviation – one of the more prestigious and glamorous jobs in the hospitality sector. Travelling – on the job, a fast-paced track and attractive remuneration, an aviation career has it all.

Established in 2012, AHR Campus is fast moving towards becoming a stable entry amid aviation colleges in Kerala. Aviation courses offered at AHR Campus act as a stepping-stone for a career that offers endless opportunities in the aviation sector. A career in the aviation sector gives wings to one’s ambitions and goals. Moreover, these courses allow exploring employment beyond the conventional graduation.
There is a rising demand for cabin crew, not only on the domestic ground but also in the international market. This significantly widens the scope and reach for students who wish to pursue aviation courses. Also, prospective candidates for ground duties across various airports and airlines are equally in demand. The courses at AHR Campus provide an in-depth academic and technical know-how in the field of air transport, which enable a student to get involved in a variety of roles across the industry.

The faculty at AHR focus on building up skill, attitude, and work ethics among its students. It also emphasises on teaching the value of hard work, self- dependency and confidence. In terms of placement, AHR Campus has placed over 200 of its students in different civil aviation companies.