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Guest Faculty

Seasoned professionals holding senior positions in top hospitality and travel organizations are regularly invited to share their invaluable experiences with our students

Flight Attendants are the members of an Aircrew tasked with looking after the safety and comfort of the passengers on an airline. If you have flown on an airline before, you have seen them in action. The primary job however is passenger safety so as a flight attendant you have to learn emergency procedures and how to deal with passengers in distress. Most airlines select and train their own flight attendants, but there are preparation courses you can take to excel the selection process or to further your career as a flight attendant.

.Training to become a flight attendant will open your world to a career full of fun, excitement and travel opportunities. In this quick guide you will learn the basics about becoming a flight attendant, how training is conducted and the benefit of attending a preparation course.

Firstly, it is important to note that being a flight attendant in most countries is not a licensed profession in the same way that being a pilot or a mechanic is.
Each airline will have its own approved training program for its flight attendants that use the standards and procedures for that specific airline. However, being a flight attendant is more than just serving food and drinks at 30,000 feet, so having some knowledge and experience before you attend a job interview will help you get through the selection process with ease.

Many factors play a part in you becoming a Air crew member. In addition to Personality , ability and customer service experience – knowledge is critical to your success.

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